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Can I just write a will for myself?

Good news! Oklahoma allows handwritten (“holographic”) wills. You can write a valid, enforceable will to protect your property as long as you meet the legal requirements.

  1. It must be written entirely in your own handwriting,

  2. It must be dated, also in your own handwriting, and

  3. It must be signed by you.

It does not need to be witnessed or notarized and it can be written in any state, not just in Oklahoma. Simple enough, right? Why do we even need estate planning lawyers?!

Sometimes the situation calls for extra planning due to tax issues, making sure assets are held for children of a previous marriage, or ensuring a spouse is cared for after you pass away. Planning can be complicated. An estate planning lawyer, especially one experienced and educated on elder law issues like long-term care, Medicaid and VA benefits, can ease the burden of planning to protect your assets and protect your family.

If you have questions about planning or an elder law issue, call my office for an appointment and let’s discuss your situation. 918-836-6461.

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