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Plan for your family.

Plan for your future. 


Attorney Jorjana Marx

Midtown Elder Law's

Jorjana Marx is a Tulsa native, who lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years before returning to Tulsa to help clients with issues that affect us all - taking care of our families.  

"After ten years of working in corporate litigation, I missed the personal element of representing someone with an issue that affected her directly.  I thrive on helping people solve problems.  The issues that arise for families that fall under the evolving term, 'Elder Law' also affect me and my family, and I know how to effectively find solutions to help other families."

Jorjana is married and has a young son.  Her family has a long history in northeastern Oklahoma as Cherokee and Potawatomi citizens.  She is committed to helping the community navigate the issues that arise for aging family members.    

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