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This is a bad dog.


This is my dog Oliver. He is a gorgeous and funny dachshund. We adore him (and his two dog sisters.) However, he prefers strangers to his own dinner-giving owners, he will knock a toddler over to get to a crumb and he will look you in the eye as he pees on the rug. If something happened to us, where would Oliver go? I don’t want to even consider it. The statistics on pets who survive their owners are very upsetting. Many people assume extended family will just adopt their furry family members but that is the exception, not the rule.

Fortunately, the state of Oklahoma enacted an amazing “pet trust” law in 2010 that allows me to create a trust for my pets and set aside money for their future care. It’s not uncommon for clients to create these trusts as part of their estate planning and the trusts do not have to contain a large amount of money.

If you are worried about outliving a pet, call us at 918-836-6461 to discuss what options are available for you.

Estate planning is truly for everyone!

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