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“Do I need a will if I have children?”

It’s hard to think about what might happen to our young children if we die but it’s a crucial way we provide for and protect our children.

When both parents of a child are deceased, the court will appoint a guardian for the minor child. The question is then, “Who will be the guardian?” Most parents feel pretty strongly about this and usually want to decide who cares for, influences, and loves their children. The best way to ensure parents’ preferences are honored is to have a will and nominate a potential guardian in the will.

Often I hear people say that their closest family member is *not* the person they would actually choose to raise their child. If this is your situation, nominating someone you trust in your will is even more important! Without guidance from your will, the court may appoint someone to raise your children and it might not be who you would have chosen!

Even a basic will can accomplish your goals. The time is *now* to do this sort of planning because we can’t predict what may happen tomorrow.

Jump on this task today by calling my office to discuss your plan for your family.


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