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I think maybe my mom can’t live safely in her home anymore. What do we do?

I often meet with family members who are worried and stressed about the future for their parent. They see mom’s health and mobility declining and they worry about the resources she will need to be happy and healthy. Sometimes they feel like a skilled nursing facility is the only option, but the reality is 87% of seniors want to age in their own home. How does a child reconcile what mom wants vs. their desire to help her?

In addition to the safety concerns, there will be financial concerns as well. The average cost of a skilled nursing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma is $4,680 per month and the average stay is just over two years (27 months.) That is over $126,000 spent from mom’s savings account (or from her child’s.) And if mom requires additional nursing care, that can double the cost. The situation can be overwhelming! In fact, it’s considered to be a crisis.

Visiting with an elder law attorney can help. Discussing mom’s best living options, the costs, her financial situation, and whether government benefits might be available can ease everyone’s mind. We meet with clients every week who just need to know how to plan for the next few years and what steps to take to keep mom or dad safe and happy.

We can help you, too! Call our office for an appointment to discuss what you or your parent’s options are and make a plan for a happy, healthy future. 918-836-6461

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