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"Do I need a will if I don't have much money?"

Well, what is “much money?” The concept’s meaning varies from person to person. “Much money” can mean $1,000,000, $100,000, or $30,000. It’s an idea that depends entirely on how the individual perceives herself and her security.

But the question is, regardless of the amount of your estate and how “much money” you have, do you want to let the state determine who receives it?

Generally, you need a will to designate who will receive your property and to choose who you want to be the person who distributes it. If there is less money in an estate the planning is likely to be less complicated, but a will is still necessary if you want to designate who receives things.

If you do not have a will then Oklahoma’s statute regarding intestate succession, O.S. §84-213, states who receives your property when you die. Clients are often surprised to hear how their property will be distributed and they become quickly motivated to have a will prepared that will dictate their preferences – regardless of the amount in their estate!

If *you* care, make a plan.

I’m happy to help you start your planning. I offer full estate planning services and also quick consults to discuss the options that apply to your specific situation. Call me and let’s get started! 918-836-6461

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