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In 1988 President Reagan declared August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day to honor our older citizens with “…our thanks and a heartfelt salute.” He recognized that vibrant accessible communities are crucial for happy healthy lives of independence and dignity and encouraged us to reserve a special day for our seniors.

How can we “celebrate” the holiday? The same way we do every day! Take a moment to check in on your older neighbor. Offer him a ride or a meal. Take some extra time to ask your parents or grandparents some details about their childhood or treat them to a special outing.

I encourage families to openly discuss their plans for the future and this is a perfect time. I bet your family will be excited to let you know what they want to do.

If you or your elders need guidance on planning, whether you need a will or trust, how to qualify for Medicaid benefits or even how to start the conversation, call our office for a consult. 918-836-6461

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