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Can you stay at home? Can you afford not to?

Recent statistics show that we are living longer, better lives but the stark reality is that none of us will live forever and we cannot predict what ailments we may encounter. Most people I know prefer to stay in their homes as they age but few have considered what that looks like when health failure is factored into the equation. Illness, cognitive decline, disease and accidents can greatly impair an older person’s ability to manage her household or her daily activities. Often, despite best intentions, a person needs a little extra help.

Often clients call me when they are in crisis. They are ill, need assisted living, nursing care or rehabilitation, and have just learned the cost of care in Oklahoma averages $4,400 per month. A person’s life savings can very quickly be entirely depleted at $4,400 per month! Fortunately, there are strategies we can discuss to protect some of the savings and help someone qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Pre-planning is always my recommendation and works best to protect hard-earned savings. Clients who plan can employ strategies to pass their money and their treasures to their family even when they need expensive care.

Whether you are in crisis or just beginning to think about what your future might look like, let’s discuss what your options are. We can create a personalized plan to protect your money and set you on course for a happy future.

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